PT-141 Peptide

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction


Bremelanotide PT-141 is a peptide that is being used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women, although that was not its intended purpose. PT-141 peptide was developed from Melatonin II as a way to darken skin and accelerate tanning but it was found by accident to cause erections and sexual arousal. This was confirmed in a study run by the University of Arizona. 

What is important about the development of PT-141 as a sexual arousal aid is research indicates it affects the nervous system rather than the cardiovascular system. Current male sexual enhancement products including Viagra and Cialis cause changes in the vascular system which can have negative effects on some men. 

How does PT-141 work? It binds itself to the cellular receptors that affect pigmentation. This means the effects are in the nervous system and therefore should be an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Millions of people suffer from either lack of sexual desire in women or erectile dysfunction in men. Finding a treatment that helps both sexes is of great interest to researchers.

Phase II clinical trials have shown the efficacy of Bremelanotide both to aid erectile dysfunction in men but also positive effects in female rats similar to sexual arousal in human females. Tests show that 80% of men who don’t respond well to other drugs have had positive effects with PT-141. Similar tests show a 50% increase in sexual satisfaction with women. At present, there do not appear to be any contraindications from the use of PT-141 in men or women.

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