Ipamorelin / CJC-1295 Combo

Natural Human Growth Hormone Stimulant

Ipamorelin is one of the latest and greatest peptides in the growth factor family. Deemed one of the safest GHRP's, Ipamorelin is a selective growth hormone (GH) Secretagogue and Ghrelin receptor agonist.

CJC 1295/Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 are often used together to stimulate muscle development. The combination works by increasing the blood level of hormones associated with growth. It can increase muscle mass and strength, decrease body fat, improve injury recovery time, and even improve sleep quality and cognitive function. Aside from being used by athletes, CJ-1295 can be used to treat muscle disorders, burns, and a variety of diseases.

Both compounds act synergistically by stimulating the release of hormones by the pituitary gland—a process that declines with age. However, this process can be restored naturally even later in life.

What Is CJC-1295?

A synthetically produced peptide, CJC 1295 was originally made to treat diseases, but has been discovered to have performance-enhancing effects that appeal to athletes. The peptide works by increasing protein synthesis and insulin-like growth factor levels. This process enables muscle tissue to grow, thereby increasing muscle mass and function.

Beware of Counterfeit Peptides:
The internet is full of counterfeit peptides and other injectables sold on grey and black market websites. Aspire Rejuvenation can provide patients with proof of purity and sterility results. Aspire Rejuvenation peptides and other injectables are also prescribed by one of our licensed practitioners, which is required by law.