10 Benefits of Peptides & HGH That Help You Feel Better

Woman stretching and thinking about the benefits of peptides

There is quite a lot of buzz surrounding the benefits of peptides (and for good reason). In skincare, it is an ingredient that dermatologists use to create bioactive peptide-rich formulas, moisturizers, and serums. These peptide products boost your skin’s collagen production and offset the signs of premature aging. In bodybuilding, peptides are used to stimulate … Read more

Tomo Marjanovic, Aspire Rejuvenation Founder and CEO, Named an IFAH Top 100 Healthcare Visionary

Congratulations to our founder and CEO, Tomo Marjanovic, for being named a Top 100 Healthcare Visionary by The International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare! The IFAH conference is an international conference that brings together health and wellness professionals to discuss vital concerns in the medical industry and explore the opportunities of building a better future … Read more

Peptide Therapies to Improve Your Health

Aspire Rejuvenation is excited about two peptide therapies that can greatly improve your health and reduce the effects of aging. The effects of aging can start as early as your 30s when research has found the pituitary gland reduces its production of human growth hormone (HGH). Normal HGH production is critical in younger people because it encourages growth as well as cellular production and regeneration. The slow reduction of HGH as we age starts the eventual decline in health seen in later years.

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Testosterone Levels Trending Lower Among Young US Men

Testosterone reduction is a normal part of aging. Aspire Rejuvenation has testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) treatments to help men and women when this becomes an issue. A great concern to us is a recent study presented at the 2020 American Urological Association Virtual Experience. This study shows that testosterone (T) levels are trending lower even in young adult and adolescent males in the United States. This is very concerning to all of us working in the area of male health.

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What is the Ideal Age to Start Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT is typically recommended for most women after the age of 35, but it can be warranted in some women at an earlier age. First, let’s define when a woman may need BHRT. Here are some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance in women:

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